Primary and Secondary Mortgages service

Purpose for Primary and Secondary Mortgages

Professional Real Estate Appraisal Services: The Key to Real Estate Success

This is the most common reason to get an appraisal. Lenders have a list of “approved appraisers” and the borrower cannot select his/her appraiser. Looking for Primary and secondary mortgage analysts you can trust in North Carolina. Because we know the local market well, we can do credible, accurate, and quick reports that make the lending process easier for you.

We offer assessment services for a wide range of property types and client needs. A. Jay Cottle Appraisers is a partner that cares about being honest and credible. Our professional evaluators give full reports that meet area standards.

Why should you pick us? There are several reasons why people come back to us:

• Evaluations are done on time.
• Doing a thorough and credible evaluation.
• Over 50 years of combined experience with real estate in southeast North Carolina.

Getting a mortgage may be a big financial choice. You need facts you can trust. Our appraisals of Primary and Secondary Loan services give you the confidence to make smart choices. You can find out more or set up an appointment on our website. Our help will help you understand real estate evaluations.

Get in touch with A. Jay Cottle Appraisers right away. Be smart about how you choose North Carolina Real Estate Appraisers.